RK, Bradenton FL - Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I keep a journal and in reading over the events of last December and January, we have to thank you again and again for being a positive, hopeful influence in our lives at a time when the medical community gave no hope.  The information you taught and instruction you gave were invaluable.  We have worked  out a diet rich in organic vegetables and fruits and have worked out a supplement plan based on the good information you gave us and other anti-cancer materials that works well for Pete.  His platelets and Neutrophil count are both within acceptable levels for the last 3 months, even though he is on chemotherapy.  Pete has had no colds or other illnesses, even though he works with children and travels monthly.  We are enjoying life.  Thank you for all your help and your excellent instruction when it was most needed.

Testimonials - Friday, May 28, 2010
“When I first started with Dr Dyer I was a total mess. I had symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. I just could not sleep at night and could not feel better. My medical doctor thought it was all in my head. After following Dr Dyer’s guidance for a few weeks everything began to turn around. After about three months I was a different person. It has been over a year since I started with Dr Dyer and I still feel great, my program has been reduced to a maintenance level and I have more energy and time to spend with my husband and our children. Thank you Dr Dyer for all your help.”

 I was having multiple problems associated with menopause. I didn’t want to take the hormone replacement my medical doctor was prescribing because of the bad side effects. I feel I was very lucky to find Dr Dyer and a natural way to get through all of the changes I was experiencing. Dr Dyer suggested a saliva tests to establish a base line reading for me that I could refer back to after we made changes. Since that time I have had several saliva test and have been able to see my progress from the lab reports. I feel like a new person, gone are all the problems I was having in the past. Today I am enjoying my life without the symptoms that many of us think we have to go through. I also feel better since I have balanced my hormones and overcame estrogen dominance.

My daughter started seeing Dr Dyer and had very good results so I decided to make an appointment with him. My blood test indicated cholesterol problems and I was tired and just didn’t feel good. After only two weeks I felt better and was sleeping at night. Now six months have gone by and I feel like I have a new life ahead of me. My cholesterol has gone down, I have plenty of energy and I enjoy getting out and doing things with my family. It seems hard to believe that so many things changed concerning my health when I followed Dr Dyer’s suggestions. Thank you for all your help and may God Bless you.

When I turned 40 years old it seemed like I started falling apart. My libido was down, I felt run down constantly, my blood pressure was up and my bowels were giving my problems. Dr Dyer started out with the health profile that showed me the areas that were weak in my body. The report he furnished me with included supplement recommendations and even a diet to follow. After a few weeks I felt much better, my symptoms were going away and my wife said I looked healthier. After eight months I can say that I am very happy that I found Dr Dyer and would recommend him to my family and friends.

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