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By Dr David S. Dyer

       Did I get your attention? Almost everyone you know including yourself is aging and dying faster than you have too. What is causing this to happen? They are commonly called “free radicals” and they are not left over “hippies” from the 70’s. They are wreaking havoc within your body, aging and killing you at an accelerated rate. These free radicals are damaging the DNA in your cells; your DNA is the cells memory of replicating itself. So, if your DNA is damaged your new cells can and are damaged from their very beginning. Not a very good way to stay healthy. A free radical is actually an atom that has an odd amount of electrons in its outer ring; therefore it tries to attach itself to other atoms to stay in balance. When it does this it damages or destroys the atom it attaches itself to, within your cells. In layman’s terms these free radicals are killing cells in all areas of your body by taking electrons from a healthy cell. Free radicals are the major cause of premature aging, cellular damage, sickness, disease and early death. This action is taking place in our pets and all mammals.

The medical term for this action is called oxidative stress. If you want to know more about oxidative stress and how it affects you, go to the National Institute of Health’s web site www.PubMed.com and put oxidative stress into the search bar and you will see over 100,000 published papers on oxidative stress. If you would like to see how oxidative stress affects any particular disease just put that disease in the search bar along with oxidative stress and the published papers on that disease and how it is connected to oxidative stress will appear.

What can we do about oxidative stress? In the past we have always recommended antioxidants, and the more the better. The reason we want as many as we can get is because we generate so many free radicles on a daily basis. No one really knows how many free radicles are generated in our bodies daily but we do know that it is in the multi-millions. Recent research is suggesting that we cannot consume enough antioxidants to really have an impact on this large number of free radicles that occur in our bodies on a daily basis.

New research has discovered a product that can and does reduce free radicles by the millions and is available through authorized distributors. This product is officially called a Nrf2 Synergizer and goes by the brand name of Protandim. A short chemistry lesson is needed here to explain all this. Antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Resveratrol and all the brightly colored fruits and vegetables do neutralize free radicles. They do so on a one to one basis, in other words one molecule of antioxidant neutralizes one free radicle. Not a great effect when you consider the millions we generate every day. To put it in easy to understand numbers you would have to eat about 12 pounds of blue berries a day or over 300 oranges or well over 100 vitamin C or E tablets to accomplish what is needed to really reduce free radicles down to where they should be in a healthy body. A Nrf2 Synergizer like Protandim signals the DNA in over 3000 survivor genes in your body to make special enzymes that neutralize free radicles on a one to one million basis. I like these numbers much better than the old one to one ratio and this occurs every second of every day so you can see the huge difference between normal antioxidants and a good Nrf2 Synergizer. Protandim was developed by a world renowned scientist after over 40 years of research. Dr Joe McCord was the young scientist that discovered Super Oxide Dismutase back when he was a graduate student. The Nrf2 Synergizer Protandim has been scientifically proven to reduce oxidative stress by an average of 40% in the first 30 days of use. If we can help people or our pets reduce oxidative stress in their body by 40% in the first 30 days it is amazing what an organism designed to heal itself can really do. Further explanation about Protandim can be found at www.SaveYourLifePill.com   a short synopsis of a detailed investigative report done by the American Broadcasting Corporation to expose the untruths concerning Protandim. What ABC actually found was Protandim was far more than what they had heard it was.

You can also go to www.PubMed.com/Protandim and see the 12 studies that have been completed on Protandim and many more studies are underway at some of the most well-known medical schools in the world. A recent development by LifeVantage the company that markets Protandim is a new product called Canine Health, a product formulated especially for dogs. Canine Health has the same ingredients as Protandim with added collagen, Omega 3 fatty acids and flavorings that your favorite canine will love. To order Protandim or Canine Health go HERE. 

Almost all natural health experts agree that if you can reduce your oxidative stress significantly there is a very good possibility that you will live longer and healthier. If you would like more information on Protandim  or Canine Health call Dr Dyer at 941-347-7147 or visit his informational web site at MyLifeVantage.com/DDyer


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