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DIETS DON'T WORK.  by Dr David S. Dyer, NMD

Many people in America are overweight. Their solution to the problem is to go on a diet. The problem is that diets will not and do not work. Yes they may lose weight for a short period, but the truth is most not only put that weight back on but usually gain a few extra pounds in the process. This is the body’s way of making sure that the next time this happens it will be in better position to last through the starvation period.

Our bodies have a desire to survive the trials and tribulations of life. In as healthy state as possible, depending on the nutrition that one gives oneself. By cutting back on food the body senses a loss of proper nutrition and burns lean muscle mass instead of fat. Lean muscle weighs more than fat so the scale moves and the person is happy. That body is not losing fat, and that is what you really want to lose. Measure loss by inches not so much the scale weight. Then how do you lose inches you ask? Behavioral modification is the only correct way to lose and maintain the loss. Start by deciding how much you want to lose and how long you want it to take. Be realistic, most people gain slowly, sometimes over years. Would you really expect to lose it overnight or even in a few weeks? Start consuming more water; water is your best friend in any weight management program. How much? To maintain proper hydration research shows a body needs one-half it’s weight in fluid ounces, to lose weight you will need more. Next and I know you don’t want to hear this, EXERCISE, a simple walking program will do at first. Don’t go for a stroll, break a sweat, you must increase you body temperature for it to have an effect. After sometime one might have to increase their exercise program (sorry). Then monitor how much and what kind of nutrition you are giving your body, you may think it doesn’t know or care but it does. Support your body, it is your friend, love it and take care of it by giving good food and supplements to yourself. Eat more fresh, raw, fruits and vegetables. Make sure you get plenty of sleep, a body under stress needs time to repair itself.

Using the above guidelines will help you effectively lose and maintain that weight reduction. After all, that is what proper weight management is all about not just losing inches but keeping them off as well. A wish you all good health….


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