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You don't have to do it alone! Athletes and celebrities have their own personal coach to help them achieve their health and wellness goals - NOW you can too! Breast Cancer Coach is another area that is available for Cancer patients.
If you want to look and feel younger, Dr. Dyer's Natural Health Store has just the right product for you. Dr. Dyer has spent years researching health and dietary products and recommends Cellfood products to boost the immune system.
“Once you lose your health, nothing else matters”~ Dr. David S. Dyer

Cellfood and Dr David S. Dyer came together when he discovered Cellfood in 1997. A few years later he wrote the Cellfood Book. In 2009 he was Certified as a Cancer Coach specializing in Breast Cancer Coaching and in 2010 was Certified as a total Cancer Coach in all areas of Cancer Coaching. Anti Aging is also an area that he helps people with, Dr Dyer recommends Protandim and Colon Cleansing to help your Immune System perform better.

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